Jul 7, 2011

When ‘The Voice‘ runner up Dia Frampton performed ‘The House That Built Me’ with Miranda Lambert, who happened to be her coach Blake Shelton‘s wife, it was a stunning duet on the season finale. Now, Country Aircheck is reporting that there will likely be a reprise made by this duo.

“Once Dia figures out what her plan is, you’ll probably see her and Miranda write together,” Shelton revealed. So even though Frampton, who shook the rafters with her reimagining of Kanye West’s ‘Heartless,’ did not have ‘The Voice’ crown placed atop her head, her future is still limitless. Shelton even said that his wife was rooting for Frampton just as hard as he was.

We all know how seriously Shelton took his role as coach, taking the adorably shy Frampton — who was in the group Meg + Dia with her sister and was signed to Warner Bros. prior to ‘The Voice’ — under his wing like family. “I was so happy for her because I got so emotionally invested in Dia. I had never wanted to see something happen so bad for somebody who wasn’t family,” Shelton said. By the end of the season, Frampton was family.

Even when Frampton and Lambert performed together, Shelton wasn’t so much concerned with his already successful wife, but of his charge. “I was mostly thinking about Dia,” Shelton said. “No more than two months ago she was about to give up on her dream of music and had moved back home with her mom and sisters in Utah.”

With a possible collaboration with a hitmaker like Lambert in her future, Frampton will not be headed back to Utah or giving up on music. Not with the Shelton-Lambert tandem in her corner.


Jul 7, 2011

Dia Frampton was surprised to learn that her ‘Voice’ coach Blake Shelton’s wife Miranda Lambert was ‘the opposite’ of what she expected a big star to be like!
Dia Frampton absolutely loved working with Miranda Lambert on The Voice! “She was so awesome. No ego,” Dia tells TVLine.com.

“She was completely the opposite of what you’d expect [from a big star]. I was expecting her to say, ‘Let’s do this. And I want to wear this. And I want to sing it this way,’” Dia explains of Miranda.

“Instead, she was like, ‘What color dress are you wearing? I want to match you. What song do you want to do? I think this one might be cool for your voice but if you want to do something else, that’s cool. I’ll send you some songs — if you want to change the arrangement, I won’t be offended, I’ll be excited. Do it your way,’” Dia adds.

In fact, the duet may be her most memorable experience from her time on The Voice. “Singing with her was my favorite thing on the entire show. Next to Blake’s duet, it was something that I was trying really hard not to cry the whole time I was singing with her.”


Jun 30, 2011

Until Miranda Lambert entered the picture, Blake Shelton wasn’t exactly the jocular yet empathetic star fans now know him to be. In an exclusive interview, the multiplatinum-selling country crooner, 35, tells Us Weekly how his new bride helped him tame his once wild ways.

“I was a single male country singer raising hell, going out after concerts to bars and drinking and doing whatever I wanted,” The Voice mentor recalls. “And why the hell not? I wouldn’t take it back, either.”

Now that he’s gotten everything out of his system, Shelton jokes: “Man, I don’t know where in the hell I got the energy! I’m getting old now, and my hair’s going gray.”

All kidding aside, life is much different for the “Honey Bee” singer these days. Shelton credits his wife of seven weeks, 27, with helping him “grow into a normal, adult routine.”

“I grew tried of going out drinking until 7 a.m. and then waking up at noon and eating pizza,” Shelton tells Us. “Now if I want to go drinking, I only want to sit at the house with Miranda watching Snapped on TV at home. It’s crazy because even if I’m just out on her bus while she’s on the road or watching her do her shows, I’m 100 percent comfortable because she is there. She really is that rock for me and the center of all of this.”

For more details on Shelton’s new life — including how his 2006 divorce affected his decision to remarry, how he and Lambert learned to brush off adultery rumors, when he plans to start a family, and much more — pick up the new issue of Us Weekly, out now.

Jun 29, 2011

Tonight (June 29) Miranda was Blake’s special guest on The Voice. She performed The House That Built Me with contestant Dia Frampton. Miranda looked and sounded amazing as always! Check out 14 MQ I’ve added to the gallery!

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Jun 28, 2011

Blake Shelton’s new album, Red River Blue, is available July 12 and CountryWeekly.com has an exclusive preview of the title track, which features Blake’s wife, Miranda Lambert.

Check out the song and Blake’s take on the cut in an exclusive video below.

Jun 24, 2011

Just when you think a Miranda Lambert show cannot get any more country, she goes and does something like this. She introduces this new band she has assembled, and you start believing in the music all over again. Everything about this girl group she had with her Thursday night (June 23) at Joe’s Bar in Chicago felt so genuine and real. Consisting of Lambert, Ashley Monroe and Angaleena Presley, the Pistol Annies are the polar opposite of bands that have been thrown together by some corporate decision makers. In fact, these Pistol Annies feel more like they came together out of a love for singing, songwriting and the kind of lifestyle that seems to be custom-made for country music. When Presley was introducing “Better Days,” she said she got the idea when she had to pull over on the side of the road and tie her muffler to her car with a guitar string. The four Pistol Annies songs they nestled into Lambert’s 90-minute show were enough to give her fans a taste of what to expect from this new Dixie Chickesque band. Monroe had a chance to be the front girl on “One’s Drinking, One’s Smoking, One’s Taking Pills,” and I could’ve sworn Loretta Lynn had taken over the mic. Right after that, Lambert said, “We’re the Pistol Annies, and it doesn’t get more honest than that.” They sang together in three-part harmony on one of the best songs of the night, “Boys From the South,” all about falling for guys with Southern drawls from Texas, Oklahoma, North Carolina, Alabama, Georgia and so on. They even added an a cappella line about “Maybe he’s in Chicago, picking his guitar right now.” I don’t know exactly where the group will go from here. I do know you can download their haunting deal-with-the-devil tune “Hell on Heels” next week on iTunes. And Lambert did casually announce during the show that, “We got our very first record deal today,” so I’m expecting big things down the road.


Jun 24, 2011

Miranda Lambert is stepping into new husband Blake Shelton’s territory.

On next Wednesday’s season finale of NBC’s hit singing contest, “The Voice,” Lambert will perform a duet with the finalist who was on Shelton’s team, Dia Frampton.

Lambert, a Grammy winner for her single “The House That Built Me,” said she was “thrilled” to be part of “The Voice.”

“It’s been a joy watching my husband grow so attached to his team. Truthfully, I am a little jealous that I am not a coach myself. I can’t wait to be a part of it,” she said.

Country superstars Lambert and Shelton were married last month.

“The Voice” also features Christina Aguilera, Maroon 5’s Adam Levine and Cee Lo Green as coaches to their own groups of would-be pop stars.

The other finalists competing with Frampton are Javier Colon, Beverly McClellan and Vicci Martinez. The four will perform next Tuesday, with the viewers’ choice to be announced on the finale the following night. The winner gets a record contract and a $100,000 prize.


Jun 23, 2011

The Pistol Annies recently did an interview with US 99.5 and had their very first radio interview with Trish Biondo. The girls talk about how the group got started, Hell On Heels and the new album (which should be out early July), hunting and much more! Check out this fun amazing interview here!

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